About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Sharhan, pronounced Sher-on.  I am a wife, mom of three, and run Engage Learnability.  I am a former educator and love all things crafty! 

I enjoy creating lesson plans and activities for my children and for educators and homeschooling families to use to expand their curriculum. Free and paid products are available on my blog as well as Teachers Pay Teachers. If you would like to follow along on our family adventures and activities subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow on Instagram

When I have some free time, which as a mom is not often, I love junking, antiquing, and re-purposing furniture and other finds into something beautiful.  If you enjoy this hobby as well follow Silver Lining Salvage Shoppe on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

My blog is a space for me to share my heart, thoughts, and passions.  Enjoy!

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