Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Virtual Tour: National Museum of African American History & Culture

Museums are really moving towards offering more and more content online.  Which is a wonderful resource that many do not realize is available.  The National Museum of African American History & Culture's (NMAAHC) website is a wealth of information and you would be hard pressed not to find something interesting to learn more about.  

Black history has been sadly neglected in education in the past and educators frequently look outside the textbook for resources.  The most effective way to teach black history is to incorporate it throughout the year corresponding with your curriculum.  February is Black History month and in celebration,  NMAAHC is offering a few special events and programs in addition to their regular resources.  

You can check that out here.  --> Celebrating Black History Month

Virtual visitors can explore the museums collections and view each item in the collection as well as all the details describing the piece.  To learn even more about these collections visit the Collection Stories section of the site.  Staff share their own interpretations of the collection as well the perspectives of others.  These collection stories are fascinating and draw virtual visitors into the stories of the people behind the item.  Additional digital resources are available as well in the Digital Resource guide including exhibits, publications, and videos. 

NMAAHC offers many virtual events each month for all ages and many of them are FREE.  To view the upcoming events and reserve your spot visit Upcoming Events.

If you are looking for resources specifically geared towards educating children check out the extensive educators section.  Resources include free virtual learning labs, an interactive art program, and STEM events.  

There is also a dedicated section devoted to Talking About Race with children.  Including explanations of why it is important and why your children will benefit from the conversations as well as resources for doing so.  These resources include videos, reading materials, and lesson plans.

The NMAAHC website is a must visit and someday I hope to be able to visit the museum in person.  What resource are you most interested in learning more about?

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