Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Educational Resource: Learner Support Surveys

Feedback from your students is a very important piece in lesson planning.  Students who are not mastering the subject content need additional support and are not ready to move on to new material.  Formal and informal assessments help determine mastery, but it is important to communicate with each student to determine how they are feeling about what they are learning.  

I created three different learner support surveys to use when I was in the classroom teaching.  These surveys were very helpful!  I used them to determine who needed remediation on a concept before testing, creating study group partners, and to choose topics to focus on when conducting whole group reviews.

Surveys allowed me to collect individual information from each student in a timely manner.  I also received more information from the student than I would have by asking in person.  Especially from students who were shy, had social anxiety, or were still mastering the English language.  

Download a collection of Learner Support Surveys below!  The download includes a homework survey, test prep survey, and unit review survey.  Enjoy!

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