Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Upcycle Project: Speaker Box to Storage Trunk

I came across this 80's or maybe 90's style stereo cabinet and speaker set.  Usually these types of pieces end up in the landfill because they just aren't needed anymore.  I started brainstorming and came up with a plan for each piece.  

I took one of the speakers and the cabinet and created a play kitchen for the kids.  Look for that project in an upcoming post.  For this project I took one of the speakers and gutted it.  The insides and the cover needed to be removed.  It was a little dusty inside so everything got a good clean.

I added feet to the bottom and some pretty details to make it look more like a trunk. 

I purchased the swish detail (I have no idea what they are actually called) from Hobby Lobby and attached with Loctite.  I also purchased the handles from Hobby Lobby.  Originally the speaker was standing upright and had plastic feet attached.  When I removed them there was screw holes.  Instead of sealing them I decided to add thin strips of wood over it on both sides.  I think it really added to the trunk look.  

To create the top I used 1x4s cut to size and 1x2s to hold it together.  Basically lay out your vertical pieces and then lay the 1x2 horizontally and screw together.  Just make sure your screws aren't too long.  You don't want them sticking out on the top of your lid.  I didn't get any pictures of this step so please excuse my crude graphic below.
Once everything was together it was time for paint.  I chose Linen by rethunk junk for the base and Slate for the top.  I decided to water down the Slate so it could be applied like a stain.  I also used Dark Glaze to bring out the details.  Then just some light distressing and Tuff Top for a sealer.  This piece sold within a week.  I am very happy with how this trash to treasure came out!

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