Friday, August 28, 2020

Trash to Treasure: Dining Room Table and Chairs

It is another trash to treasure makeover!  This set took about a week to complete.  I found the dining room table posted for free on Facebook Marketplace.  Ya'll, if you haven't searched FB Marketplace for freebies you are missing out!  

The table was used in a mechanics shop so it was super dirty.  Like really, really dirty.  Yuck!  I purchased the vintage chairs off FB Marketplace as well.  They cost $2 each.  Amazing deal!!! The chairs had been in storage for many years and needed a good scrubbing as well.  I also needed to make them more sturdy.  I chose to use Loctite glue to re-glue the joints of the chairs.  I also chose to sand the table top.  I despise sanding! But, this table needed it.  There was residue I could not get off even with scrapping as well as areas where the wood had bubbled because of moisture.  I sanded with 60 grit sandpaper at first to get all the gunk off and then finished with 220 grit to get a smooth finish.

Once everything was clean it was time for paint.  I chose Linen from the Rethunk Junk paint line.  I used Dark Glaze to bring out the details.  Glaze is super easy to use.  Use a paint brush to get it into the details and then use a wet cloth to lightly wipe off.  Glaze has a long work time so you have plenty of time to get it off the areas you do not want it.  The tabletop was stained with Dark Walnut Stain Top.  I love this stain!!!  No smells and it dries quickly.  It took several coats to achieve the look.  Finally to protect the tabletop I used three coats of Tuff Top.  

The final step was to reupholster the chair seats.  The padding and fabric was in good condition with no smells.  I selected new fabric from Hobby Lobby (don't forget your 40% off coupon) and laid it on top of the old fabric and stapled to the bottom of the seat.  

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