Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Everglades Habitat Lesson

Students will learn about the habitats found in the Everglades environment and the plants and animals that call it home. This lesson includes materials for activities as well as a complete facilitator's guide.

The student will be able to…
*name the four habitats of the Everglades.
*identify and categorize plants and animals found in each of the four habitats.
*use information from the text to answer questions related to main ideas and details.
*make personal (text to self) and social (text to world) connections.

Teacher Pay Teachers has turned this lesson into a digital activity.

Customize TpT Digital Activities for their students.

Buyers can use the same features to customize TpT Digital Activities for their students by adding additional annotations within the interactive layer. They can also create new TpT Digital Activities using PDF resources that have been enabled by Teacher-Authors, while not editing or removing any of the underlying content.

Preview and assign to students through Google Classroom

Before assigning to their students, Buyers can choose which pages they want to include or remove from the assignment, like the answer key, and Students access the link to the TpT Digital Activity using Google Classroom

Review completed assignments and return feedback to the student

Once the student has completed the assignment on a laptop or tablet, Teachers can review student-submitted work and share feedback with the student on the TpT Digital Activity.

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