Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Blueberry Picking with Kids: VLOG

It's blueberry season here in Northwest Georgia and today we were able to visit a local farmer with a u-pick blueberry field.  Fresh blueberries are so delicious and the kids were eating them right off the bushes.  The blueberry bushes at Brandywine Blueberry Farms are grown organically so no worries about any nasty pesticides. 

We ended up picking just over a gallon of berries which is pretty good considering my pickers were easily distracted and eating our harvest as we went.  If you are local and would like to visit Brandywine Blueberry Farms they are located in Trion, GA. 

Check out all the fun here ---> VIDEO

We learned about the blueberry lifecycle, blueberry anatomy, and the blueberry flower anatomy before we visited the the field.  I found the printable worksheets below on Teacher Pay Teachers to use with the kids.  The artwork is beautiful!

Blueberry Anatomy printable by Lazure Learning
Blueberry Flower Anatomy printable by Lazure Learning

Blueberry Lifecycle printable by Lazure Learning

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