Friday, April 24, 2020

Color Walk: VLOG

The kids decided to go on a color walk in our backyard to search for the colors of the rainbow in their surroundings.  This is a great activity to help children practice their colors as well as practice being good observers of the world around them.  Not only did they discover colors, but they also found a caterpillar and a ladybug. 

Grace was inspired by a video her Memaw made called Our World of Colors.  You can watch that video here: 

Observation is an important life skill which informs us about objects, events, attitudes, and more using our senses.  Being  able to observe and gather information improves communication as well.  Observation is a key
skill in creativity!

I created a FREE printable to use on your color walk below.  Print the picture or download the PDF. 

Color Walks do not have to be outside.  They can happen in any environment, inside and outside. 

Check out the kids Color Walk video here:

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