Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Bedtime Routines

It is almost back to school time which means back to routines or maybe you are looking to try out something new to help your little ones get ready for bed.  Here is a copy of the bedtime routine we are using for our children.  I have it posted on the wall in their room.  My oldest was a great sleeper.  We could go through her nightly routine, kiss her goodnight, and quietly leave the room.  She feel asleep on her own pretty quickly. Child #2 is a totally different story.  Even with a routine she struggles to fall asleep.  Daddy usually has to sit with her until she falls asleep.  The baby still nurses to sleep so he doesn't get to participate in everything yet.  Remember, new routines take 2 weeks to a month of consistent use to become a habit.  

Download HERE 

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