Monday, April 8, 2019

Cesarean Awareness Month

April is Cesarean Awareness Month.  Did you know 1 in 3 women have a cesarean birth in the United States? Our cesarean birth rate is significantly higher than most countries around the world and it continues to rise. Many US hospitals have cesarean birth rate of close to 40%.  A cesarean is a major abdominal surgery which comes with risks for both mom and baby.

A cesarean CAN be life saving in some situations. However, approximately 35% of cesareans are due to "failure to progress" which translate to impatient doctors and hospital staff. Many US doctors and hospitals will tell moms once a c section, always a c section. A mother may be interested in a VBAC, vaginal birth after cesarean, but she is unable to find support and prenatal care.  Many doctors try to scare their patients into a repeat cesarean by exaggerating the risks of a VBAC and not even mentioning the risks of a repeat cesarean.

This month I will be sharing cesarean birth stories, cesarean birth plans, VBAC birth plans, and more. If you would like more information and support for your VBAC or cesarean birth visit your local ICAN chapter. You can find them through

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