Thursday, March 14, 2019

Climate Zones Activity | FREE Educational Resource

There are so many climate zones in the United States and each one has its own unique features.  Your children can create a Climate Zones Encyclopedia Entry for a climate zone of their choice or extend the activity and have them make a climate zones book.  They can share the book with siblings, friends, or parents.  This activity could also be extended to include all the climate zones found on Earth.

Here is an informative video if your children need a refresher.


Activity Directions:
  1. Choose one of the following climate zones for your activity:  Humid Continental, Highlands, Tropical, Mid-latitude Desert, Semiarid Steppe, Humid Subtropical, Marine Westcoast, Mediterranean
  2. Write or type a 100 word description of your climate zone.  Your intended audience is children so be sure to use words they would understand. You must include the climate zones location, typical temperatures, rainfall patterns, and vegetation.  
  3. Create an illustration for your climate zone.  Be sure your illustration matches the information in you description. 
  4. Paste your illustration and description on to construction paper.  Be sure to write the name of your climate zone as well.

Teachers...... here are a few standards if you need them.

Benchmark SS.B.2.3.2: The student knows the human and physical characteristics of different places in the world and how these characteristics change over time.
Benchmark SS.B.2.3.6: The student understands the environmental consequences of people changing the physical environment in various world locations.
Benchmark SS.B.2.3.8: The student knows world patterns of resource distribution and utilization.
Benchmark SS.B.2.3.9: The student understands ways the interaction between physical and human systems affects current conditions on Earth.

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